Your Complementary Health Consultant 
in Charlotte, NC

Blossom Your Health LLC offers the following services: 

Individual online alternative and complementary health consulting
Online video consulting for questions about health management, stress prevention, mental health, wellbeing, nutrition solutions for gastrointestinal disorders, weight issues and anxiety

Individual on-site life coaching consulting
Personal one-on-one sessions: services in addition to online consulting include sound bowl therapy, reflexology and anti-stress hypnosis in German.

Preventive health care consulting for German corporations
Preparing and executing preventive health care sessions and presentations for German, Austrian and Swiss executives on-site, as well as informational events for the German-American community

Consulting regarding available complementary health products
Individual explanation of available complementary health products, application options and sourcing. 


The following services are provided in my Mensch-in-der-Mitte Office in Erding near Munich Germany (Website in German):

Please note: Blossom Your Health LLC will not work in the licensed area of ND/MDs but will relegate clients to ND/MDs, if there is a need to diagnose, treat, prescribe, interpret medical results, write nutrition plans to cure diseases, or recommend supplements to cure conditions.

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