Blossom Your Health LLC
Charlotte, NC 


Your Health Consultant, Naturopath and German Heilpraktikerin for the Charlotte Region

Blossom Your Health LLC offers natural holistic health consulting services for the Greater Charlotte area. 

We offer a comprehensive suite of high-demand services based on naturopathy, starting from individual sessions for adults and also children, toddlers and babies are very welcome. 
We also offer individualized coaching, seminars and corporate health prevention services for companies and individuals. 

The owner Carmen Hoppmann is a Traditional Naturopath and German "Heilpraktikerin". This can be of special interest for the large German speaking expat community in the Carolinas. With her extensive "Heilpraktiker"-experience she is able to offer individualized health coaching solutions. 

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“I am happy to serve the greater Charlotte area with all my experience as a Traditional Naturopath”

Carmen Hoppmann
President of Blossom Your Health LLC

Please note: Blossom Your Health LLC will not work in the licensed area of ND/MDs but will relegate clients to ND/MDs, if there is a need to diagnose, treat, prescribe, interpret medical results, write nutrition plans to cure diseases, or recommend supplements to cure conditions.

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