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I am happy to now be an independent distribution partner at Neumi. What is the difference between Neumi products and conventional dietary supplements? At Neumi, we find a new, modern, and highly effective way to deliver active ingredients directly into cells. Nanotechnology breaks down the active ingredients so small that they enter cells directly and independently of the digestive tract - this already happens through the oral mucosa. This creates an almost 100 percent bioavailability and rapid, reliable effectiveness. This is particularly important for the master antioxidant Glutathione, which can now finally work effectively and arrive. Nanotechnology is on everyone's lips and the future of our health! Learn more at


Here you see the immense importance of a balanced Gluthanione level. The body's master antioxidant impacts nearly every function in our body. It detoxifies our cells, supports our immune system and increases the effectiveness of other antioxidants.

HERS-the future of hormones!

HERS is a powerful women's supplement designed to support in phases of menstruating (pre),  in active menopause (peri) and post menopause. With a thoughtfully crafted blend of natural ingredients , HERS provides targeted relief and promotes holistic well-being. The ingredients can: reduce cramping, support hormonal balance, support energy level, balance mood swings, reduce PMS symptoms such as breast tenderness, bloating, mood issues. It may also help regulate menstrual cycles in cases of irregularity. In menopause HERS can help to minimize hot flashes, increase libido, help with weight issues and sleep problems.

Please note: Blossom Your Health LLC will not work in the licensed area of ND/MDs but will relegate clients to ND/MDs, if there is a need to diagnose, treat, prescribe, interpret medical results, write nutrition plans to cure diseases, or recommend supplements to cure conditions.

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